A place to say "Hi!" to the Memri community

Hey there!
This topic is meant for newcomers to introduce themselves and say hi to the Memri community. If you’re interested in the project feel free to leave a message and introduce yourself, you can share whatever you think is interesting to share like. (Skills, Languages, Experience, Interests, Things you want to help with, Favorite animal, anything you think would be helpful) If you want to get in touch with one of us just let us know, we’ll make sure to reply to your message within a day and are happy to answer any questions you might have!

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Hi, I am yoyo. I am into physics, especially many-body systems and how the interaction leads to complex behaviors. I am also curious about intelligence, the brain and computing as well. My favorite anime/manga is Ghost in the Shell (1989-1990 manga, 1995 movie and S.A.C and S.A.C. 2nd GiG). My favorite movie is The Matrix (1999). My favorite book is The Catcher in the Rye and currently reading Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid. My favorite tv show is Mr. Robot. My favorite animals are my dog, my cats and orca. My favorite games are Skyrim and Eldritch horror board game. My default text editor is neovim. I can make Android apps with Kotlin, I started to learn rust and learning German. I am interested in working on the pod backend, though I am open for other things.

One question is that the repo seems like not public (correct me if I am wrong as I am new to gitlab); I could not fork or do the merge request. Should I ask to be registered?


Hey yoyo, nice to meet you! I don’t recognize your nickname so I suppose we haven’t met yet. I would love to have a chat on zoom/skype/hangouts to discuss what the most exciting and pressing topics are you could help us out with. We need to add you to gitlab in order for you to really contribute for now, which I am happy to do (we are looking into a better solution for that). Let me know if you want to chat and I will send you details in a PM!

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Hey Yoyo, Welcome!
I’m Bram, and a part of Memri for a bit more than two years now, and mainly focused on how we organize ourselves. I’m about the only one in the team with zero programming skills (But I’ve been told I’m a Markdown hacker.… so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice). Currently live in Utrecht, Netherlands. Favorite book is Mismatch (how we are deceived daily by our ancient brain) Love running, and I’m enjoying trail running more and more, unfortunately we don’t have any mountains around here. I’m also part of a soccer team, which is not to good, but it’s fun :smiley: Besides working at Memri, I’m also involved with Corporate Rebels who write about all kinds of organizations that are organized in non-hierarchical ways.

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Hello my name is Rivan. I saw job opportunity at stackoverflow which let me know that you need devops engineer. After read some details on it, I am interesting to contribute at your company to develop your products as the devops. I have experiences as cloud engineer for three years and network engineer for a year. I feel that my background pretty solid with what you need based on what you post at stackoverflow. I have experience working with AWS or GCP public cloud, build CI/CD for auto deployment, maintain kubernetes cluster, etc. Let me know if you interested to discuss more with me and feel free to ask me if you need my cv for more details about me. Thank you. :smiley:


Hey @rivanp, thanks for reaching out! Due to the way our hiring pipeline works, it’ll be easier for us if you apply via our Workable page: https://apply.workable.com/polis-global/j/35A047AB0F/ Could you please do that? Thanks!

Sure… it’s been submitted. Thanks :smiley:

Hey Memri team,

This is Saraswati (can be called as Sara or Saras), i have applied for the flutter position. I am into development from 7+ years but now i wanna learn and improvise my skill set on flutter. I really liked your concept of memri and would like to know and work around it. I have applied in workable, sorry for being impatient, but cant wait to work with the app :wink:

Hey Saraswati, thank you for your application! The Workable page is indeed the best way to apply, we’re going through submissions and hope to get back to you soon